À lire: Les moments de doute

Me again,

I know you are actually reading my post or maybe just scrolling but please, stop what you’re doing and take a look at this article.

I have nothing to add this time, it says it all. Good job to the blogger that article is special, more than great. Keep up the good work ❤

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Must Read: Low expectations?

Good morning fam,

I hope that all of you are doing good. I want you all to take a minute to read this great article. Waking up to this just made my day. We should all learn how to think positively. Especially if just like me you’ve been used all your life to be negative, thinking that you only deserve bad things. She says it all in her article, you attract what you believe in.

Done talking, time to read it yourself. May you all feel free to share and comment, it is always a pleasure to read yall. 😊

There’s absolutely no limitations to what we can achieve. Believe it, Speak on it and Work towards it.

God bless your day 💕

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Enjoy your day to the fullest

Good morning my blog family ❤

I just want to wish you all a nice day. While reading this, I want you to take a minute to thank God for your life. He gave you another day in this world by his grace and clearly not because you/I deserved it. I would have a lot of reason to feel sad or depressed but today, I want to do things differently and to focus on what I have. Obviously seeing my bank account is enough to make me fall into a deep depression but I believe that I am STILL blessed. Some do have millions and are unhappy, sick, living with no peace, into a deep depression that even makes them take their life away. When others are “living” in hospital, some are orphans, have nothing to eat or anything to wear, some babies never had the chance to last a few months in this world…. I won’t be missing example but all this is just to make us realize how bless we are.

Always remember that, that life you are complaining about it is someone else’s prayer. So no matter what age you are, the money you have in your bank account, your job, your status (single/married/complicated/divorced/dating/…), if you take time to think about it, you will find thousands of reasons to be thankful.

I know life can be hard to live sometimes but put a smile on your face and enjoy your day to the fullest because tomorrow is not promised.

Have a nice day yall ❤

Feeling some type of way

Good morning everyone,

It is 4 am in Montreal and I can’t sleep. Right now, as I am writing, I am feeling a lot of emotions inside of me. I am really going to try to put words on everything I am feeling right now, but it won’t be easy at all. Not sure if I will be able to identify them all but I do feel kind of  sad.

It makes me sad to realize that no matter what I do, it is never enough.

I am not perfect at all but if there is something I do is TRY.

I keep on trying to be a better person, to love like I have never been hurt.

I am not really good at expressing my emotions, even if I do love to talk.

When it comes to putting words on my feelings, what I mostly do is tell the opposite of everything I am feeling.

Or, when I get to talk about my true feelings, well it comes out in the wrong way.

I feel like I am a mess, a big one but what I know is that I am different.

I am different because even if I have been abused, I refused to hate men.

To hate them was too easy for me to do, so I said no.

All men are not the same, all men are not rapist.

People probably expect us as victims to avoid men, to end up alone because obviously it is not easy in relationships but I said no.

I am trying everyday and the proof is that I am clearly not were I used to be.

I used to be so traumatized that I would hide myself and cry as soon as I hear someone that would sound like the guy who raped me or just looked like him, and all this at a party, so imagine the mess.

I would have so much to say but I think I will stop there, I tried.

I am feeling better already but I just wished I could put words on EVERYTHING I would love to share, probably next time.

God bless you all,

Much love xox